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February 2nd,2010|12:57am]

made for the_haust in return for this sexy drawing! I'm figuring out how to use all the different options in GIMP, so a lot of this was just playing around. anyone who wants can use them too. just credit, of course.

1-10 Gary Oldman
11-20  Sabretooth (Marvel)

so randomCollapse )
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Fanart Icons [Thursday
December 10th,2009|10:11pm]

23 Star Trek XI
08 Batman
02 Dr. Who
02 The Authority
02 Torchwood
02 Supernatural

_Coffee__by_Kinky_chichi1.png coffee 2 picture by clockworktri
Nurse_Bones__the_beginning_by_tacon.png Nurse Bones 3 picture by clockworktri
TimKon_by_021.png Tim/Kon 2 picture by clockworktri
Christmas_Sweater_by_Anubis_Admirer.png tiny Spock picture by clockworktri

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comics, photography... [Wednesday
November 18th,2009|01:31am]
HELLO. I am alive. here's a post to prove it.

6 gettyimages
7 Sally Mann
1 other
5 Midnighter and Apollo
2 random Bat-slash
2 X-Men Origins (Wolverine and Sabretooth)

naptime.png picture by clockworktri tightrope.png picture by clockworktri
authority5.png image by clockworktri bloodynose2.png picture by clockworktri

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erotic icons [Saturday
October 11th,2008|08:47pm]
Remember the days when natural bodies were beautiful, with all their imperfections? ...Yeah, I wasn't alive then either. But here are some women that were.

21 Erotic


  erotic15.png erotic11 image by clockworktri
 stockings.png stockings image by clockworktri lesbian2.png lesbians2 image by clockworktri

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in a sappy mood... [Thursday
October 9th,2008|12:36am]

so I made a bunch of couple icons. and other things. perhaps I'll add text to them later...

18 Couples (gay/lesbian)
7 Vintage
11 Random
5 James Dean

dean3.png dean image by clockworktri  prom.png prom image by clockworktri

globe.png globe image by clockworktri  clock.png clock image by clockworktri

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2 Friends Only Bannies [Wednesday
October 8th,2008|07:30pm]
2 Friends Only Bannies Preview

smiliesFObanny.png picture by clockworktri

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I'm back from the dead! [Wednesday
October 8th,2008|06:52pm]

10 Gay/Lesbian
12 B&W
26  Random


cartwheel.jpg image by clockworktri  

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June 8th,2007|06:16pm]
13 art
17 photos (howlin wolf, warhol, vintage porn, random)
7 retro (comics, adverts, etc)
14 "animals have problems too"


a rinky dinky dinky dinky dinky dinkyCollapse )
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havesomehats, random, oz [Saturday
October 21st,2006|05:53pm]
9 artwork by kyle parker (havesomehats.com)
10 random
2 kirk from OZ


the pretentious student film?Collapse )

Comment if you take or if you have something to say.
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the exorcist (pt1) [Saturday
October 21st,2006|04:30pm]
33 the exorcist
i've got more in progress but who knows if i'll finish them.


the power of christ compels youCollapse )

comment if you take or just have something to say.
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FO bannies [Sunday
July 2nd,2006|08:26pm]
3 manic street preachers
3 lesbian(ish)
6 other

say you'll stand by meCollapse )
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random assorted and OZ [Sunday
July 2nd,2006|07:56pm]
5 lesbian(ish)
4 random
15 OZ
--2 kirk
--7 said
--6 beecher/keller


people they aint no goodCollapse )
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RANDOM [Saturday
July 1st,2006|03:13pm]
6 sea lab
4 from threadless
2 slash
1 lesbian
3 rules of attraction
1 homestarrunner


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OZ [Saturday
July 1st,2006|03:01pm]
5 keller
1 beecher
6 beecher and keller

there will be more of these. much more of these. with Said and other characters, but mainly beecher and keller.


their love is so wrongCollapse )
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manic street preachers and other music [Saturday
July 1st,2006|02:44pm]
5 adam green
9 manics
1 pete doherty


I wish I had been born a girl and not this mess of a man...Collapse )
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music icons [Tuesday
March 21st,2006|04:42pm]

4 patrick wolf
2 spoon
11 didz hammond (from the dirty pretty things)
2 libertines
6 franz ferdinand
2 adam green


feel the loveCollapse )
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lee williams 22 [Thursday
February 23rd,2006|11:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]


a true beautyCollapse )

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the strokes-juicebox video 17 [Thursday
February 23rd,2006|10:57pm]
[ mood | bourgeoisie ]


mmm, that's some good juiceCollapse )

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brewer twins & other beautiful boy love [Tuesday
February 21st,2006|07:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

brewer twins 12
grooch twins 1
sports 4
superheroes 2
dolce&gabanna 1
jrock 1
warhol 1
random 2


onwardCollapse )

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bands and artists [Tuesday
February 21st,2006|01:04pm]
[ mood | apathedic ]

the shins 7
the mountain goats 3
spoon 5
gay for johnny depp 2
adam green 10
arctic monkeys 3
ted leo 5
peter doherty 2
murder by death 2
neutral milk hotel 2
velvet underground 1
wolf parade 4
the futureheads 1
the meat puppets 1

<> <>

follow the musicCollapse )

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